If the concept of cost-per-action is new to you, here’s how CPA affiliate marketing works:

CPA Affiliate Marketing is a Risk-Free Alternative to a Traditional Media Buy

With a traditional media buy, you pay upfront to ensure ad placement. But no matter how effectively you target, some portion of that buy is wasted. You could pay on a cost per click (CPC) basis, but there’s no guarantee that the clicks you pay for will translate into customers.


CPA is Performance-Based – You Pay only For Results

With CPA affiliate marketing, you make your campaign available for placement through a network of digital publishers across online and mobile channels. Rather than pay them upfront to run your ads, you pay them a bounty—or “payout”—for the actual conversions they deliver. That conversion can be a sale, completed lead form, subscription, sign up, download, video view or any other measurable consumer action that you wish to generate and it makes business sense to pay to obtain.


The 2 key advantages of the CPA marketing model are:

1) Zero ad waste – you pay only for results
2) More expansive media placement – the independent online publishers who run CPA campaigns are expert in driving conversions to a given audience via one or more online channels. In fact, most are so expert that you could not afford to hire them for your marketing team (they make more as independent publishers). But you can put them to work for you via the CPA affiliate marketing model and reach more consumers through more channels than you could reach on your own.